5 Surprising Benefits Of Daydreaming

In schools and at home, most of us have been scolded for day dreaming and even got punished for it complemented with a long lecture. People say that by daydreaming we waste our time and energy in something that is nothing less than unproductive stuff. But many medical studies have revealed surprising benefits of daydreaming on our health. They have stressed on the fact that daydreaming works wonders on our imagination power, creativity and situation handling technique.

So what is actually daydreaming? Psychologists have defined daydreaming as a short term dissociation from a person’s immediate surroundings and the person moves towards a visionary fantasy consisting of moments of happiness, pleasant thoughts, cherished ambitions and precious experiences while he/ she is awake. It is actually daydreaming that has helped poets and artists in creating masterpieces. Daydreaming is common but also has retrogressive effects on the minds when over indulged.

Health experts have said that controlled daydreaming has great benefits on the well being of a person and it is not a disorder. In fact, many problems can be easily solved if we daydream as it has some similar benefits like brainstorming but it is less stressful. So if you think your mind wanders too much, then without worrying further, just read these 5 surprising benefits of daydreaming and let the creativity flow from your mind:-

  1. Perks Up Your Mood

Benefits of Daydreaming

The topmost benefit of daydreaming is that your mood gets the right boost. By dis-engaging yourself from the world around you, you tend to enjoy the soothing aloneness in your mind and you tend to get peace from daydreaming as you think about something that calms your senses. When you start visualizing things while daydreaming, then you derive happiness from it and this happiness converts into a vibrant source of energy that helps you in working in a good mood.

You tend to forget all the stress and tension when you are daydreaming and you tend to receive the required kick for going ahead with your day’s work. When you are in a bad mood, there is hardly anything where you can put your mind to. You need to give a respite to your mind by sitting in a relaxed position and getting lost in daydreaming for sometime, so that you can comeback with a new zest and zeal. When your mood is good, then you tend to have better concentration at work, which results in better handling of situations and decision making.

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  1. Helps In Developing Memory

Benefits of Daydreaming

Many psychologists have said that people who daydream tend to have a sharper memory. You may never have thought before daydreaming, that it could actually develop your memorising skills. But it is true that when you indulge in daydreaming, you tend to get carried away to imagining various situations, which is either real or manipulated by your mind. You tend to act differently in different situations and you however, tend to satisfy your mind by doing what you want in your dreams.

When your mind gets satisfied, you tend feel better from inside and you are in a better position to concentrate more in your work. Since daydreaming activates the nerves of your brain, you tend to have higher attentiveness and your ability to remember things develop.

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  1. You Tend To Become More Empathetic

Benefits of Daydreaming

Surprised to hear this! It is completely true that daydreaming makes you more empathetic in life. You may face many situations in life which you thought were difficult to handle. You find yourself flowing with the emotions at such junctures. You may be gripped by negative feelings and your rage and anger will find victim in other people. But there are evidences which prove that daydreaming can help you in understanding the thought process or situation of other people.

For being an empathetic person, you need to have a calm mind to understand the perspective of the person in front of you and only then you can be able to tackle the situation wisely. By daydreaming, you give your mind the freedom to roam around in thoughts and thereby, you get a better understanding of relationships and bonding. You tend to understand the impact of your behaviour, thoughts or decisions on other people and thereby, you tend to give importance to people and their emotions.

  1. Boosts Your Creativity

Benefits of Daydreaming

With intensifying competition in all arenas, you need to be unique in your approach. Employers look for people who can give them out of the box solutions for critical and even day to day problems at workplace. They want to hire creative employees so that they can emerge as market leaders for their offerings. So how actually daydreaming helps in tapping your creative side?

When you daydream, you often think of situations that may or may not have actually happened. Since you are the main character of your dreams, you tend to take up the visualization to a whole new level by indulging in deep thoughts about it and imagining all kinds of situations that can occur in that particular circumstance. By getting involved in such in-depth thoughts, you become more creative in thinking of all possibilities associated with the particular instance. After you daydream, you tend to have a good mood and greater attentiveness and this further nurtures your mind to act more creatively.

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  1. You Get To Know Yourself BetterBenefits of Daydreaming

When you daydream, you are often detached with the world around you and you slip into an altogether different world, where you often see yourself as the lead person. You visualize yourself doing things, which you have always wished for and you imagine yourself tackling many difficult situations. You also imagine yourself sneaking away with your friends and family while doing all the things for them that you always wanted to do.

When you daydream, you automatically visualize yourself as your heart says and thereby, you get to know yourself better. You are in a better position to gauge yourself and you also get to know how you can improve yourself to emerge as a better human being. You also start realizing the mistakes you have made in life and you start striving your best to avoid repeating them. Such visualization techniques help you to connect yourself with your soul.

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