8 Emotions You Need To Stay Away From To Be The Most Happiest Person

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Being happy is every person’s birth right. It’s not like you have to pay something to be happy. But being happy depends on a person’s thought process, beliefs, actions and attitude. Small things make us happy, that’s true. Dancing in rain, playing with kids, listening music of course makes us happy but that happiness lasts for a short period of time. There’s a difference between being a happier person and being happy for a moment. Positive emotions and feelings can make us a happier person for our entire life as well as happy for a period of time. Hence emotions play the primary role in being happy. Emotions such as forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, satisfaction, inspiration brings happiness. Sometimes emotions go against us leaving us gloomy, dejected and unhappy. But those emotions are just in our minds and heart which means they can be tackled or controlled in a wiser way to become happy. Here are the 8 emotions to stay away from to be the happiest person on earth.

1. Fear

Fear of certain things can be due to constant failure to overcome once or multiple times or due to worst experience or due to negative stories or feedbacks from other people that holds you back in life. Fear can give rise to weakness hence to overcome your fear, the origin of your fear must be recognized. Having fear in your mind and your deep down will refrain you from doing certain things or being daring in your life and you never know these certain things can make you a happy person. Fear can be an obstacle in your life in achieving success that leads to happiness.

2. Guilt

Guilt is a feeling of having committed a crime or implied offence that is inappropriate according to your conscience and is unacceptable in the culture or community. If guilt hits your mind and soul, it’s true that you have done something that you shouldn’t have and it can make you feel unworthy and reprehensible. So it’s wise to admit your offence and accept the guilt before the most important persons in your life to get rid of it.

3. Envy

I would say envious is one of the crucial emotions to stay away from to be the happiest person in the world. Being envy is an emotion that occurs when a person lacks a superior or a specific quality, achievement, possessions or any object of another person, which means being jealous of someone. In short, being envy is making yourself desiring or longing something which again implies to dissatisfaction in your life, that can never ever let you be happy from inside. To stop being envy of someone, one has to be happy with himself and whatever he has.

4. Resentment

Resentment is an emotion that occurs when you feel ignored when you shouldn’t be or when you feel you’ve done good things but no one values you. This emotion comes when you expect some good feedbacks and comments for your work and people don’t meet your expectations. Expectations do hurt and would never let you be a happier person. It wouldn’t be wrong to say if you expect less or nothing, resentment emotion will never hit you.

5. Shame

Shame is a painful feeling of distress caused b your conscience and consciousness of wrong or stupid behaviour. Shame means being embarrassed of yourself or your actions, however it’s normal and healthy to feel ashamed when you do things goes against your values and that is considered bad by other people. Shame is an emotion to stay away from and the best way to save yourself from being ashamed is listening your conscience or doing things with proper justification so that if someone considers it to be wrong you can explain you’re not ashamed of it at least and you will be a happier person with your values and conscience.

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6. Anger

Anger or temper could be the worst ever enemy of a person if not tackled on time in a wiser way. Anger blocks your thought process, you stop thinking wisely when anger hits you. It give rises to all negative emotions and thoughts in your mind. A person with high temper can never be happy or a happier person because he can never think wisely but aggressively. To control anger one needs to embrace love, forgiveness and kindness.

7. Greed

When desires are not treated well they give rise to greed. However we can’t say any emotion is bad but emotions can cause bad. For example greed for knowledge wouldn’t harm anyone neither is bad but greed for money can cause devastations. Greed would constantly give rise to discontent feeling in your mind which would make you less happy or unhappy no matter what you achieve or get. Wiser decisions, intellectual thoughts and a calm mind can avoid these emotion refraining you from doing evil actions.

8. Defensive

Being defensive means being protective of something. Defensive is that emotion, you should stay away from If you have an opinion or an idea and someone criticizes your idea you start being defensive which means you try to justify your words and idea. So we can say we mostly become defensive due to the fear of being criticized or being failed and that causes resentment, stress, anxiety. But in spite of being defensive if we accept it, there would be no fear and no matter how much criticism you get you will be a happier person.


8 Emotions You Need To Stay Away From To Be The Most Happiest Person
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