Absolute Fertility Diet To Get Pregnant Naturally

Fertility Diet

If you think acquiring a healthy diet for active lifestyle is enough, you need to re-evaluate your food choices once more. Many of us incorporate healthy foods to our diet just to lose some extra weight, to avoid heart diseases, cholesterol issues, diabetes etc. But do you know your food habits have direct impact on your fertility too? In both men and women, certain food habits lower the chances of conceiving baby up to 60% even after having unprotected intercourse. If you’re planning to get pregnant or have a baby or you have tried many a time and still it is difficult to conceive a baby you must make changes in your lifestyle especially your food habits. According to the medical experts, the lifestyle and diet changes takes 3-6 months to impact menstruation, ovulation and fertility in women and in men, a life-cycle of a sperm is just 75-90 days which means to improve fertility, men need to make changes in their diet and lifestyle at least 3 months before they give a try. Here is the complete fertility diet to get pregnant naturally.

Organic veggies and fruits

Organic veggies and fruits have more nutritional values and are loaded with all essential nutrients along with antioxidants and minerals. Veggies and fruits are fibrous foods that enhance fertility in both and women helping regular menstruation, ovulation in women and higher sperm count in men.

Organic meat and chicken

Grass fed meat has essential fatty acids and protein and are also low in saturated fats. Organic meat is good for overall health improving stamina and fertility. Chicken who are fed organic are best because they are free of cancer causing properties.

Omega 3 fatty acids loaded fish

Salmon, cod, halibut are some cold water fishes loaded with high amount of omega 3 fatty acids that aid in secretion of hormones and reducing inflammation. These fish are also good source of protein and vitamins to boost fertility in both men and women. Fishes are a great food option to incorporate into fertility diet for natural pregnancy.

Organic dairy products

Cattles who are grass fed are good source of organic dairy products. They provide whole milk with all essential nutrients to boost sexual stamina and sperm count. Yoghurt, cheese, butter from whole milk are best dairy option to add into your diet.

Whole grains

Whole wheat, oats, brown rice, quinoa, ragi are some of the whole grains that are healthy options for conceiving a healthy baby naturally. Try to avoid processed and refined grains such as white bread, white rice semolina pasta, popcorns.

Avoid alcohol consumption

According to WHO, men who consume two or more alcoholic drinks per day produce less sperm having very low sperm count and even their sperms are deformed. These sperms are two-tailed find it hard to swim to reach the egg and even if they reach the egg, the pregnancy have maximum chances to endure miscarriage. The same study also claimed that women who consume  5 or few drinks per week find it difficult to get pregnant.

Avoid caffeine intake

Caffeine intake lowers sperm count in men, makes it difficult to conceive a baby for a women and caffeine also lead to miscarriages in pregnancy. Avoiding caffeine before and during pregnancy reported several healthy and successful pregnancy with healthy child birth. Hence, your fertility diet must stay free from alcohol and caffeine.

Say no to soy and tofu

94% of soy and soy products such as tofu are genetically modified that directly harm human reproductive system leading many serious health issues especially pregnancy and fertility issues. Elimination of maximum GMOs related product can help you to get pregnant naturally.

Eat high fibrous foods

Highly fibrous foods keep your body active, bowel system smooth improving metabolism. Hence this entire process improves body stamina and fertility. High fibrous foods such as veggies, fruits, nuts, beans are great options to add to your fertility food habits.

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Avoid processed foods

Processed foods such as ketchups, sauces, fruit juices have preservatives, added colours and flavours that harm fertility in both men and women. Avoiding processed foods can improve fertility up to 40 % according to medical experts and researchers.

Add more antioxidant rich foods

Foods that are rich in antioxidants such as berries, carrots, pomegranates, guavas, tomatoes, beans etc help in improving fertility naturally by improving sperm count in men and also protect pregnancies from miscarriages.

Eat more oysters

Oysters are loaded with zinc which is a highly fertility friendly supplement that helps in healthy pregnancy and also aid in lower sperm count in men. Oysters are good and delicious food options to incorporate in your fertility diet to get pregnant naturally.

Munch on nuts and beans

Nuts and beans are highly fibrous, protein loaded and have antioxidants too that boost fertility in men and women improving sperm count and ovulation in women. Nuts and beans have also zinc that is fertility friendly found in oysters too.

Add iron rich foods

Iron is a great supplement for boosting fertility in women recommended by doctors too in capsule forms and tonics. Iron loaded foods not only promote regular menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy but also help to nourish the baby.

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