Top 14 Best Movies of Akshay Kumar Till 2017

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Akshay Kumar (Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia) is an Indian-born-Canadian Bollywood actor, producer and a well known Indian Television personality. Akshay who is Bollywood’s well known action hero for his martial arts and daredevil stunts is a versatile actor. Akshay has done more than 100 films in Bollywood and has also garnered many Filmfare Awards as well as National Film Awards. He is one of the successful and highest grossing actor at Box Office of India as his films not only break the record barriers but also rule millions of hearts. The 50 years old fearless actor was also honoured with Padma Shri Award in 2009. Despite of his average rating films such as Andaaz (2003), Khakhee (2004), Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2004), Garam Masala (2005), OMG-Oh My God! (2012), Akshay seems to be very focused on his Box Office records giving blockbuster and superhit films back to back. Here are the top best movies of Akshay Kumar till 2017.

14. Mohra (1994)Akshay Kumar Best Movie Mohra

Directed by Rajiv Rai, the film featured Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Raveena Tandon and Naseeruddin Shah in main lead roles. The film was action drama genre that revolved around a prisoner’s criminal life and his revenge. It was Akshay Kumar’s first successful and blockbuster film after his debut in Bollywood. The film brought Akshay stardom and luck as well.

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