Effective Ways To Attract More Money

how to attract more money

Source: Success yeti

I am so glad that you people are here for a good reason, of course it is. So, you all want to attract more money. You have tried every possible tricks and ideas of getting and achieving prosperity and wealth, but still failed. No worries, fellas! First let’s get little transparent about this subject. Money which is mostly believed as an evil symbol for good people or religious people’s society (no offense) is actually not that bad. Believe it or not, money is not evil, it’s a medium of getting resources to survive or to live a basic comforting life, meeting all the humanly needs. I am wondering how the so called “good people” who consider money as evil’s signature would be buying bread and clothes to meet their basic need? So, attracting money is not bad and a wrong motive. Money is simply a medium of getting your needs to be fulfilled to survive on this planet, but the way you utilize your money or the way you opt to achieve money that might be evil. So, let’s get to the list of ways to attract more money in your life.

Money is the currency to buy your needs

If money would had been the evil’s weapon or signature then everything in this world except humans would have been evil, because on this planet you have to survive by buying water, food, shelter, clothes and many more luxurious elements (optional) to lead a healthy and basic lifestyle.

Money is not the cause of evil

Of course it is not. For example, when you deposit some specified amount of money in a hospital’s reception counter your wife delivers a healthy new life in the labour room of that hospital. Is that new born baby an evil? No it’s not, evil is in human’s nature, emotions and thoughts that cause evil.

Money can buy happiness

‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ which is not exactly true because money can actually buy happiness for you sometimes. Here’s an example. When you buy an ice cream of four different flavours and offer it to an orphan child or a needy poor child is like you bought a small chunk of happiness for that kid and nothing can beat that exact feeling of happiness and satisfaction inside your deep down.

Money is gratitude

When you offer gifts to this world, the way in which people say “thank you” is by giving us money happily and gladly. And when there will be more people to thank you for your goods and services, there will be more financial profit. This is a natural process of this world which is an unending process and nothing is bad in it. However, negative emotions can affect this process.

Spend more

The more you give, the more you will receive, the effective mantra to attract more money. When you give, give it openly and freely from your mind to wherever you can receive spiritual nourishment. The rule is to give 10% of whatever you receive or have, but it’s also smart and wise to give more when you actually feel inspired to do so. Mostly when people give money, they do it with a tight fist and unhappy mind because they don’t want to give much because they’re afraid. They’re holding on to their money tightly. Instead, give money with an open heart and an expectation of no return which will actually be returned to you back.

Visualization doesn’t work all the time

If you think law of attraction will do the entire job of achieving and earning more money, then you need to understand the law of attraction more clearly. You have to make some efforts too along with visualizing yourself earning more wealth. Motivation is necessary and efforts too.

Work hard to get more

Until and unless you work hard to achieve what you want, you can’t get it. You need to work hard with full perseverance and dedication to earn more money. For example, you have to study well by every single bit to achieve above 90% in your results. If you can’t answer all the questions by 100%, you can’t achieve 90%.

Support any noble cause

Support orphans, old age homes, orphan girls to help them to lead a peaceful life and to get stable feet in this world. When you support noble cause you will earn more money from many different ways and ideas, because it boosts you and works like a motivation and aim.

Get support too

If you’re getting support in your noble works, then, accept it. That will help you to grow more financially and will drag more financial sources towards you. A smart way to attract more money.

Do what you love

It doesn’t make any sense of working for something that you actually hate or don’t get satisfied. Neither it will get your full focus nor you will be interested in it. There will be no excitement and fun and you will gradually be dull and less productive which is directly proportional to money. Less interest, less money. When you do whatever you love you excel in that field and advance towards success which means prosperity and wealth.

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