Beer Can Be Healthy For Liver, Research Proves!

Beer Healthy For Liver

Alcohol who has a very bad repo is believed to be noxious for health. Alcohol consumption indeed is not harmful for your health until you consume it too much on regular basis. Too much of alcohol consumption can damage several organs in our body and most specifically our liver. When alcohol is broken down in the liver, several by-products get generated that can easily cause liver damage leading to common liver conditions such as cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, liver cancer, alcoholic hepatitis. Beer is an alcoholic beverage no doubt, but the percentage of alcohol content in it is approximately 3-7 percent which means one standard bottle of beer a day is not that harmful for your health. Now the good news is drinking beer can possibly save your life keeping your liver healthy.

Researches About Benefits of Hoppy Beer

According to the recent researches hoppy beer can significantly reduce the risk of all kind of liver diseases which means if you want a healthy liver you can switch to beer over whisky and vodka. A research carried out by Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany over three groups of mice from which one group was given beer with hops, other group was given beer without hops and the third group was given ethanol. The results were quite surprising as the second and third group has equal amount of fat accumulation in their livers and the first group had much less fat accumulation in their liver.

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How hops present in beer can protect your liver?

Hops is being referred to a hops flower called Humulus lupulus which is used mostly as a preservative and to add flavour to the beer. Research says hops have a special ability to reduce the formation of a compound called as reactive oxygen species. These compounds are the solo reason behind causing severe damage to the liver due to its high reactivity. The group of mice who were given beer with hops suffered very less damage quite healthy due to a process called oxidative stress which means hops have antioxidant effect according to the further researches. According to Mediterranean Neurological Institute in Italy acids called humulones and lupulones have the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and spreading of diseases and the researchers are trying hard to extract those compounds to create active agents to fight cancer.

Conclusion for a healthy liver

Researches can say beer can possibly keep our liver healthy but it still never proved that hoppy bear causes zero damage to our liver which means bear (with or without hops) can cause damage to our liver but in different intensities. So it would be wise to remember that excess of alcohol can cause ruin our health. As a responsible drinker one must understand the risks of excess alcohol consumption and the benefit of drinking alcohol in moderation. No matter how many positive researches have been done on hoppy bear you must not take it for granted that regular consumption of beer can be the solo solution of keeping your liver healthy.

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