6 Food Secrets of Japanese Women To Stay Slim Forever

Food Secrets of Japanese Women

Girls really crave for the porcelain skin that Japanese women have. These women look 25 years old when they are actually in their 40s! That sounds amazing! Apart from looking flawlessly young, Japanese women are also known for their slimmer waists and all thanks to their wonderful food habits that helps them in maintaining a lean physique. In case you are looking for healthy alternatives to lose weight or just maintain your slim waist, then here are 6 food secrets of Japanese women to stay slim forever that truly defines what nutritious foods can do to your health:

1. Breakfast Is Their Most Important Meal

Ideally, even medical experts believe that breakfast should be considered as the most important meal of the day. In fact, in Japan, breakfast is their main meal that comprises of several nutrition-rich dishes such as rice, fish, miso soup, omelettes, herbal or green tea, a soya dish with greens, seaweeds, etc.

2. Balanced Diet

Sushi generally comes as the first dish when thinking about Japanese cuisine. But that’s not the end. The Japanese cuisine is extremely diverse and vegetables, fruits, rich, fish, seaweeds, green tea, etc., form an integral part of it. Along with versatility in terms of diet they consume, emphasis is laid more on having highly balanced diet. They restrain from consuming high calorie, deep fried or junk foodstuffs. For Japanese people, eating fresh and according to the season is very important. They usually prefer fruits and vegetables that are grown in the particular seasons. Since weather is a crucial factor that determines their food consumption patterns, they have more of soups, meat and fish in the winters and cold soups, sea foods, salads and cold ramen in the summers.  

3. Eating Culture

Japanese people follow a particular ritual when it comes to eating. They eat small morsels and chew slowly and even their helpings and plates are smaller in size. They believe in retaining their food’s natural taste and appearance, due to which they hardly like decorating it in a fancy way. For them, serving different dishes on the same plate is a disrespectful gesture. They think that every dish should have its place and they don’t fill their plates to the brim.

4. Rice Forms An Integral Part Of Every Meal

Unlike the western people who have heavy carbohydrates in the form of breads, the Japanese people prefer having rice with each meal. They ensure to consume small portions of rice with every meal, which is cooked without salt or butter. Thereby, their slim figures are contribution of the absence of mealy foods in their platter.

5. Cooking Methods

The traditional cooking methods in Japan include steaming, shallow frying with less oil, stewing or grilling. The vegetables are cut in slices so that they not only look good but also cook more quickly. Such kind of cooking ensures that the nutritional values in the foods are not lost due to excessive or inefficient cooking methods. For many Japanese dishes, vegetable broth is used as a base. Japanese women prefer having less spicy dishes and have a penchant for light foods that doesn’t put excessive burden on their stomach, kidneys and liver. The Japanese cooking methods ensure enhancement of the food’s natural colours and flavours without compromising on the nutrition quotient.

6. Desserts Don’t Accompany Their Meals

Japanese people rarely have desserts with meals as having them would signify a special occasion. Unlike the cakes, buttercream or calorie rich delicacies, they have a different taste when it comes to desserts. They are particularly fond of an ice-cream made from rice called mochi. Japanese desserts are mostly low sugar, low fat and extremely different from the desserts popular in most parts of world.

Overall, Japanese women follow healthy diet practices to maintain their slim waist but incorporating this kind of cuisine by people living in different parts of the world won’t have the same effect. This is because the climate and topography of different countries are varied. From these food habits of Japanese people, one can learn to eat foods that are wholesome, fresh and nutritious, which has been cooked without making it devoid of nutrition. Low sugar, low oil and low carb diet can be the perfect mantra for a lean physique.

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