11 Signs You Are in a Good Relationship

Signs You Are in a Good Relationship

Relationships, especially romantic ones, are meant so as to help and aid each other to understand life and its many wonders. It is something that is done for the betterment of one’s personal experience of love and not the destruction of the other. Some might find signs or qualities that seem toxic to them resulting to complexities and problems within the relationship and worse, breakups. These, however, are reminders that we continue to develop as we learn on these mistakes. And everyone, yes everyone, are capable of understanding and correcting these mistakes so as to develop a more profound and meaningful relationship with other people as we traverse life.

Everyone must be interested in having a good relationship with others. From having fun things to do like astrology reading by zodiac sign together, playing games under the sun and maybe even cooking. Any sweet things to do that will remind us to have fun, be in love and enjoy life more with the good company of people surrounding us. Consider this list of signs that you are in a good relationship!

1. Personal Decisions

A sign that you are in a good relationship is having personal decisions decided by none other than you. There are certain things that must be kept personal while preserving the kind of intimacy you share with other people. Being in love with someone does not generally mean surrendering every bit of decisions to the other. Rather it knows that whatever decisions you take, they are always there by your side smiling and supporting you.

2. Communicate

When you constantly communicate your desires and problems, which is a sign that you are well aware of the things that needed to be talked about. This is letting the other side know your problems and issues and how the both of you would address and resolve it together. Constant communication means that you are on the right level of comfort sharing your most cherished moments with the one you are in love with.

3. Disagreements

It is very much normal to have fights and disagreements in a relationship. However the better thing is that you help each other to understand individual differences. And move forward for a future that is treated with mutual understanding in whatever whirlwind of a relationship has to come. You must be feeling safe in sharing and expressing the things you don’t like with him or her and nothing else.

4. Ties

One never loses ties with other people especially family and friends. These are people who might or could have been all good to you from the very start. They all together formed a part of you which shaped and helped you become who you are today no matter what. Don’t forget to treat them nicely because they are also the ones that bring out the best in you whenever you feel down or alone or just feeling like talking to someone else other than your lover.

5. Respect

You treat each other with respect and always hope for the better outcome. Treating each other is important in finding the space or choice one need depending on the situations one has to deal with. This act of giving attention to a certain loved makes them feel that you always admire them of their ways, how little or great it may be.

6. Plans

You have plans together while pursuing individual plans that contribute to the goodness of the relationship. And enjoy the richness of these plans but does not overlook the realistic practices and expectations of a normal romantic relationship. Remember that imaginings are only as good as the love you can both share. You dream and soar the clouds together and might there be a problem, you always have backup plans to still enjoy the moment whenever caught on a traffic or a bad weather.

Signs You Are in a Good Relationship

7. Joy

You find joy in everything you do as a couple. Besides healthy relationships are full of adventure fun and laughing together. Through thick and thin, you appreciate the simple things in life and value the presence of each other especially on the saddest and most needed times. You observe the pleasant things in life and know how to celebrate and rejoice together when desired or maybe chanced upon.

8. Balance

A balanced relationship is one with the right amount of fights, desires, dreams and decisions. There are right mixes of bad and good things but this will altogether make you and prepare you as a couple to handle the next worst thing whenever it comes. It must ensure that strength does not only come from one but always from both of you hence a balance that is a sharing of every bit chores in the relationship.

9. Trust

Always and always that you must need to trust your partner as you trust yourself. Remember that love is worth all the trust you put on it and losing this might be as hard as regaining love back. Learn to cherish the moments where you can express your trust and make everything secured and guaranteed for the one you love. Trust and let them know you trust them in the same way that you express every emotion to them.

10. Growth

You grow and develop together. You listen to each other. You know how to bring out the best in other and you just support each other. One does not only receive but both you do the job promising a good flow of limits and expectations within the bond. You also encourage each other to grow, develop and change as you inspire each other to be better individuals not only for the relationship but also for others.

11. Love

Lastly, both of you just continue to love no matter what. You experience love with the one and only and know that this love keeps on giving. Making you feel alive and know that there are still lots of wonders to be amazed of, doors to be opened, places to be travelled and a whole lot of time to love. Love and acceptance is key.

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