Clear Explanation | How Air Conditioner Works?

Air Conditioner Working Mechanism

Air conditioners are present in many of our houses and offices. We enjoy their cooling effects, but do you know how your AC functions? Air conditioning is actually the same process as a refrigerator. They carry out the same activity requiring warm air and making it cool. An air conditioner and fridge both use FREON to cool the atmosphere. In an atmosphere conditioner the FREON is blended with a touch of oil that’s used to lubricate the compressor. The compressor compresses the Freon cold atmosphere to turn it to hot gas. The hot gas then passes via a coil system enabling the heat to cool.

The cooled air returns to be a liquid as it expels its heat throughout the coils. After passing via an extension valve the cooled freon liquid starts to evaporate becoming a cold, low pressure FREON gas. As the cold FREON gas passes throughout the coil the cold is discharged to the air to cool the air whilst the heat is consumed to be carried off and eliminated throughout the coils as a hot gas. This process is replicated again and again furnishing us with cool air or in case of a fridge keeping your food cool and stopping it from spoiling.

The cooling system is systems known as air conditioners are available in an extensive variety of sized and styles. You’ve the units that fit into the window and after that you’ve a central air unit that’s located both inside the house and the condenser is placed at the back or side of the home. This is essentially the same types of units you’ll see on commercial buildings, but in a much larger version. The condensers in this kind of setting is usually found situated on the roof of the building it’s cooling. The components of the air conditioners which are found on the inside of the home or office are the cooling coils and compressors.

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The condenser and the hot gas coils are found on the outside the home or business. This is the same regardless of what kind of air conditioning unit you’ve. It’s also important to keep in mind that regardless of what kind of air conditioning unit that you’ve regular maintenance is needed to maintain it running within an effective manner. Older units must be replaced with newer models that have an energy star authorization from the EPA.

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