10 Useful Tips For Natural Vaginal Delivery

Tips for Natural Vaginal Delivery

Pregnancy is an amazing combination of beautiful and scary experiences. It comes with both pain and gain. Every pregnant woman get thrills and scary thoughts regarding her first childbirth experience and almost all women want it to be a natural vaginal delivery however most of them fail to have such because of their poor pain tolerance mechanism. Believe me no woman can ever imagine the labour pain and the beautiful feeling after childbirth until and unless she endures it herself. Well, according to a study by WHO, 85% pregnant women can achieve normal delivery however, these days with changing time and perceptions almost all women are opting for C-sections over vaginal delivery because of few reasons such as the fear of labour pain, any unpredictable inconveniences and emergencies, not to lose the intactness of their vagina, to have minimal pain and complications during childbirth.

What is natural vaginal delivery?

Natural vaginal delivery is the process by which every woman delivers her baby through the natural pathway which is the vagina. Natural birth is conducive for a healthy baby and also helps in quick recovery with minimal complications for the mother. But these days, the expecting mothers seek for pain relievers as soon as the labour strikes in. C-sections should be opted only in emergency cases and it is always a wise idea to stay away from medical interventions as God has made a natural way to deliver babies and from ancient times women have been doing so because the body of a woman is designed that way. But the easy and less fussy technique of childbirth these days have made women forgot about the advantages of natural vaginal delivery. However, if anyone out there wants to prepare for a normal child delivery here are some useful tips you can count on.

1. Eat right

Nutrition is a very important factor when you’re pregnant because you need a well nourished body for healthy delivery and healthy nourished baby. A diet full of green veggies, fruits, wholesome foods and enough water is what a healthy mother needs. Some expecting mothers crave for junk foods and fatty foods making it an pregnancy excuse which is the solo reason behind their increased weight and other health complications.

2. Don’t put on excess weight

Excess weight gain during pregnancy can lead to a complicated delivery case. It not gives a pregnant woman hard time for vaginal delivery but also can leads to many serious health complications for both baby and mother.

3. Pregnancy exercises are must

Mild exercises that are specially designed for pregnant women are always the best way to stay active during pregnancy. Kegel exercises, pelvic stretches, squats, aquatic exercises are always good for an expecting mother which are one of the useful tips for natural vaginal delivery.

4. Stay stress free

Stress can be real bad for your motherhood journey. Stress not only affects your normal delivery process but also affects the growth and nourishment of your baby inside. Stress give rises to many health complications during pregnancy such as false labour pain, low blood pressure, premature child birth etc. So try to stay away from stress opting for some stress free techniques such as playing good music, reading books, culturing positive thoughts.

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5. Do regular perineal massage

Perineal massage should be done regularly once you hit your seventh month of pregnancy as it helps to control stress, deal better with labour pain, reduce muscle tension and joint pains. While massaging, pull gently forward and outward on the lower part of the vagina having your thumb hooked inside, as it helps to stretch the skin in the same way as it happens while your baby’s head stretches it during delivery.

6. Consult a good doctor

A good doctor can be your friend who can help you in achieving natural childbirth. A good doctor gives you confidence and positive vibes to deal with pregnancy thrills easily. However these days doctors are opting C-sections for every childbirth case in order to save their time and avoid any complications which also help them to earn more. But, a good doctor can help you to deliver your baby through vagina with holding his/her and your patience too.

7. Stay away from horrifying delivery stories

Negative thoughts and failure stories of natural childbirth can be real stressful and horrific for any healthy mother. If anyone talks about their childbirth nightmares and panic stories walk away is the best useful tip you can get for natural vaginal delivery. Just because your friend had a tough labour doesn’t mean you will have too.

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8. Be at home while early labour

Labour pain is the final stage of your pregnancy which needs patience, confidence and lots of hard work. Early labour is the beginning an intense tiresome process and early labour can be long for first time mothers. If you hit the hospital, you might be sent back home most probably so it is better to spend this time at home relaxing your body and mind. Fill a bathtub with normal temperature water and soak in it for some relief.

9. Get some prenatal education

Getting some prenatal education can be your strongest weapon to stay calm. Feed your brain with all possible information about vaginal delivery and labour pain. Consult your doctor, talk to your mother, never rely on information available on internet. Gain knowledge about the techniques to cope with labour pain.

10. Practice deep and slow breathing techniques

Practicing right breathing technique can be real helpful to stay calm and stress free. Ample and proper oxygen supply compulsory for enhancing the growth and development of the baby inside. It can also help you to beat your anxiousness and discomfort while labour pain which is another useful tip to have natural vaginal delivery.

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