Why Pregnant Women Feel More Stressed Out?

Pregnant Women Stressed Out

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful and precious gift from God for every woman. It feels really different and takes loads of effort to be a mother, growing and nurturing a small life inside you, taking every possible care of that unborn life makes you feel one of the most powerful creation of God. A pregnant woman body undergoes several physical, mental and psychological changes that can only be understood by a woman who is expecting. All these changes have a very common symptom seen in every pregnant woman and that is stress. Have you ever noticed a pregnant woman feeling very low and lost most of the time and the next moment completely happy, excited and thrilled with the ongoing experiences? Well, that is stress that makes her unstable most of the time which is quite harmless but too much of stress can cause complications in one’s pregnancy. Now, if you are wondering why pregnant women feel more stressed out, here are the reasons behind it.

  • Physical discomfort

Nausea, vomiting, feet swelling, constipation, tiredness, backaches are some common physical discomforts a pregnant woman usually undergoes at the initial stage of pregnancy. Stretch marks, enlarged breasts, tender nipples are some unavoidable physical changes that makes every expecting woman anxious and worried making her really stressed.

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  • Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in a pregnant woman body keep ramping up every now and then. The levels of estrogen and progesterone keep rising and falling and some women are so sensitive to progesterone that they become mire irritable and unstable. Hormonal changes cause mood swings more often, that makes it more tough to handle stress.

  • Getting worried about labour pain

Another solid reason why pregnant women feel stressed out is worrying too much about their labour pain. The intensity of pain, type of child delivery, whether it would be a normal delivery or a caesarean delivery, would there be any complications and many more complex and confused thoughts hit a woman during pregnancy makes them too much stressed and worried.

  • Job and family responsibilities

For working ladies it becomes very tough to manage family and job life because both fields need equal attention and a little negligence in any of these fields can turn a woman’s life upside down. Balancing job and office work with taking care of babies and family becomes very much arduous and thinking all these consequences a pregnant woman can definitely go mad and crazy.

  • Unexpected pregnancy

Married for 2 years and you haven’t planned for babies but all of a sudden your pregnancy test kit goes positive can turn your world upside down. An unexpected and unplanned pregnancy can cause real stress and depression in a woman as she finds it tough to digest the fact that she is going to be a mother soon which would set a limit in her work life, love life, social life and personal life too.

  • Drastic changes in your future life

When a pregnant woman starts thinking about her future with a baby in her lap she automatically starts feeling more stressed out with cold feet and hands. She has to manage her work and social life according to her baby, she might not go on a holiday trip with her friends as her baby would be the one who needs her maximum attention, she would have to pee in front of her infant as she needs to check on her little lad.

  • Lack of sleep

During pregnancy, sleep deprivation is one of the most critical health issue that every woman suffers. Lack of sleep, discomfort during sleeping, hard to fall asleep can cause stress in pregnant women too causing headaches, dark circles, dark patches on skin, dull face and many more.

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