Interesting Benefits of Having Sex While Pregnancy

Sex in Pregnancy

For many couples sex and pregnancy doesn’t go together due to many unrealistic and baseless myths. The most bizarre one is causing damage to the baby or amniotic sac while having sex, but the truth is having sex never damages baby or the amniotic sac. Pregnancy not only brings a great feeling of motherhood but also comes with a huge irritating package full of raging hormones, morning sickness, constant feeling of nausea, sore breasts and nipples, swollen ankles, over-expanding belly and waistline, stretch marks and dark circles. Sitting on a couch enjoying your hearty cravings of food is enjoyable while you’re pregnant but having sex can do wonders for your health too. The benefits of having sex while pregnancy are quite amazing, for both physical and physiological. Here are the benefits.

1. Improves blood circulation

Missionary during pregnancy is not gonna squeeze your baby, neither it’s gonna hurt you nor your baby. It’s totally fine to try any position that makes you feel better. Sex during pregnancy improves your blood circulation because it helps unleashing hormones. Sex releases hormones that help the baby to receive ample oxygen.

2. Reduces stress

Pregnancy comes with tremendous mood swings and stress. Having sex reduces stress and calms mind. Oxytocin, the love hormone gets released in your body when you get orgasms. Oxytocin is known for reducing stress and depression while pregnancy.

3. Relaxes body muscles

Having sex gives you better orgasms that help to relax body muscles and body pain. It calms down your mind and body. It reduces irritability and stress improving your mind and mood.

4. Reduces the risk of Pre-Eclampsia

During pregnancy usually women endure increased blood pressure called as pre-eclampsia which can be a really serious health issue during pregnancy leading to several complications. Having sex while pregnancy can benefit you a lot to lower and stabilize the increased blood pressure because the sperm contains a specific hormone that lowers blood pressure.

5. Induces easier labor

Sex while pregnancy can induce your labor pain if you’ve passed your due date, however you must go for it if only recommended by doctor or your physician. The reason is sperm contains hormones called prostaglandins that stimulate the uterus to contract for easier labor.

6. Reduces the risk of complications

Sex during your pregnancy can reduce the complications related to child birth as it helps your uterus to get ready much before the child birth. The hormones present in sperm helps the uterus for better contractions for easier child birth. Some specific hormones in the sperm also reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia.

7. Improves self esteem

Usually women become worried about their body that undergoes several physical changes that makes them feel their body is no longer their own. But having sex, making love restore their body confidence and reduce their insecurity.

8. Strengthens pelvic floor muscles

Besides, Kegel exercise sex is an amazing exercise that can keep your pelvic floor muscles strong and toned. Healthy and strong pelvic floor muscles helps in easier labor and child birth which is one of the best benefit of having sex while pregnancy.

9. Improves sleep quality

Restless nights and insomnia can hit every pregnant woman which can be really worse for your health and baby too. But having a tremendous orgasm or sex can help you relax your body muscles to get a deep intense sleep.

10. Strengthens bonding

The period of pregnancy usually creates an unknown space between two partners which can be worse factor for a healthy relationship in future. Making love while you’re pregnant can strengthen your bonding and create beautiful understanding for your future relationship.

11. Speeds the recovery after child birth

Sex while pregnancy strengthens pelvic floor muscles which helps in speed postpartum recovery soon after child birth. The muscles around the pelvic floor get toned and become easier to restore its original form after delivery.

12. Amazing orgasms

Another benefit of having sex while pregnancy is you get intense orgasms because during pregnancy the blood flow to the genitals increases making them more sensitive. Your body releases more hormones making the orgasms more intense and pleasurable.

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