7 Health Risks of Using Laptops on Lap

Risks of Using Laptops on Lap                  

Laptops have become very much popular since its appearance into our ever-changing society. Laptops have replaced desktops completely nowadays, for its light weight, portability and slim seductive looks. According to the recent studies, 98% people have at-least one laptop and that even mostly the people who are aged 18 to 30.

Despite of so many benefits of using laptops like mobility, touch pad, new features, software, Wi-Fi internet which have become the most integral part of everyone’s life mostly younger ones, still have got some serious health risks and disadvantages, mostly if used on lap.  Spending long hours with laptop, placing it on your laps can be hazardous to your health. Placing your laptops on laps might be convenient at some situations, but it is very necessary to create awareness and knowledge about the health risks associated with using your ultra slim notebooks.

1. Male Fertility

The most crucial and dangerous effect caused due to the heat produced from laptop base is affecting male fertility. Experts say if the temperature rise to 1 degree celsius around the scrotum sac which hold testicles that produce sperm, can decrease the production of sperm upto 40%. And prolonged use of laptops on lap can heat up the testicles to 2.8 degree Celsius in just 15 minutes without letting you feel the heat which can adversely affect your fertility.

2. Radiation

Environmental Protection Agency studies say, laptops emit radiation which can affect our facial skin adversely. However, the radiation is low in energy and is non-ionizing, but still constant use of laptops for almost 30 days might cause skin irritation.

3. Vision Fatigue

The distance between the screen of the laptop and the keyboard is very less and hence, the constant staring at the flashing screen can affect our eyes badly, like itching and burning of eyes blurred vision and redness in eyes Constant staring at the bright screen of laptop affects eyes badly, because the muscle that controls the lenses remain at a static position puts pressure on the retina.

4. Pregnancy Risk

The heat generated from laptop does not affect the fertility of women as the eggs are produced in the ovaries, which are inside the woman’s body, hence there is very less chance of affecting women fertility, but the radiation from the laptop can trouble pregnancy. Hence, doctors recommend women not to use laptops on lap or on abdomen during pregnancy as the heat produced can hamper pregnancy.

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5. Neck and Back pain

Normally the laptop users are seen in hunch postures as the distance between laptop screen and keyboard is very less, which creates pain in neck and back. Now, consistent hunching and mounting of head posture can affect the body’s posture causing severe pain in the backbone.

6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is associated with the wrist. People who use to work on laptops for long hours which needs excessive typing which increases wrist strain and pain in fingers as the nerve and blood vessels endures inadequate blood circulation to the extremities of the hand.

7. Burns

Literally, the heat generated from the laptop also causes burning sensation around the skin of thighs and groin. Some people tend to use pillows between their laps and laptops which can turn more dangerous as the air vent of the laptop gets blocked and the fans work faster which circulates the heated air which is unable to escape leading to the melting of the plastic base case hence causing serious burns.

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