Lesser Known Side Effects Of Lemon You Must Know

Lemon Side Effects

Widely consumed to detoxify the body and to cleanse the internal systems, the lemon is considered to be a medicine for various bodily disorders. The high content of vitamin C is said to boost the immunity system and overall, it is great for digestive, skin and hair health too.

But do you know that this wondrous ingredient can also cause some mild to severe side effects? Medical experts have confirmed that consuming lemon in excessive amounts can result in hazardous repercussions. Anything in excess can be harmful for your health. In case, you intake lemon in any form for medicinal reasons, then you must definitely ask your doctor for consulting on the adequate quantity that your body needs.

Consuming fruits and vegetables that are acidic in nature like lemon can cause increase in contact of acid with teeth. This in turn, will start eroding the teeth enamel making your teeth sensitive to anything hot or cold. Many studies have even found that excessive intake of lemon can even be a potential reason for heartburn and increased urination too.

While we have always been advised to have more of lemon in our diet, there are some lesser known side effects of lemon you must know to protect yourself from acid reflux, teeth erosion, upset stomach, stomach ulcers among other health issues:

  1. Frequent Urination

This is one of the most common side effects of lemon. The diuretic property of lemon is the main reason why it increases urine production in the kidneys. Lemon juice helps in removal of excess sodium and toxic content from the body through urine. Having limited amount of lemon juice will also work wonders in removing toxins from the body while relieving you from the problem of frequent urination.

  1. Heartburn

Many medical studies have suggested that even though lemon is great to give your body the required dose of vitamin C, excessive quantity of lemon juice can also cause heartburn. This triggering of heartburn due to lemon’s acidic nature can cause severe burning and pain in the heart area. Therefore, avoid having acidic foods and drinks to prevent heartburn.

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  1. Digestion Disorders

Having lemon juice concentrate on an empty stomach may shoot the chances of digestion disorders. The high acidic level of lemon juice can upset your stomach till it gets completely digested. However, if you are facing stomach disorders, then having small amount of lemon juice with a glass of water can relieve you from various stomach ailments.

  1. Stomach Ulcers

Many times, people who are already consuming spicy, tangy or sour foods that contain lemon may suffer from stomach ulcers. This is due to the acidic content in lemon that reacts and irritates the oesophageal lining. When your stomach lining gets harmed by the acidic properties of lemon, the healing process is also affected by this very acid causing the stomach ulcers to take a toll on your digestive health.

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  1. Kidney Problems

We consume lemon in various forms and when we consume the peels of lemon, which contain oxalate, it can cause some severe health problems. The oxalate deposits in the body starts crystallising and can be a possible cause for kidney stones and kidney infection. It has also been found by researchers that oxalate also interrupts the absorption of calcium in our body.

  1. Teeth Erosion

Who doesn’t want to have strong teeth? Of course, everyone wants to have optimum dental health. Some mouthwashes and toothpastes come with lemon extracts, which is said to brighten the teeth. Though this is true, because these products have limited amount of lemon in them and this is why, your teeth can be benefited by the amazing properties of lemon. But when you directly consume too much of lemon water or sour foods, the increasing contact of acid with your teeth can damage your tooth enamel making it extremely sensitive to hot or cold foods. Better consume limited amount of lemon juice to keep your teeth in great health.

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