9 Unique Attributes Of A Productive Workplace

Productive Workplace

Searching for a suitable job is a cumbersome process where you have to market yourself as a candidate who is the most employable in comparison to the fellow candidates. You need to update your resume and make it as attractive as possible so that you get the precious interview call letter. Then you need to prepare yourself for the series of breathless questions that make you feel that you are getting entangled in a fishnet.

But hold your horses! Ask yourself if the workplace is suitable for you? Is the workplace apt to enhance your productivity quotient? You must find answers to these questions if you really want your career to be skyrocketing as a professional. You generally ignore these things about your new office, but people across the globe are actually getting aware of the important of productive work environment. In fact, the workplace ambience can make or break your efficiency and work ethics level.

If you don’t find answers to these questions, then later you may observe that you are not being able to work with full zeal and your colleagues and subordinates will too lack proper motivation. The workplace should actually have a magical impact on the employees. To know what your office can do to have a drastic impact on your style of working, then read these 9 unique attributes of a productive workplace:

  1. Adequate Lighting

You will find it weird but its true that adequate lighting is essential to call your workplace productive. While going for an interview, you must take notice of the lightings and the management of fixtures. You must note whether the work area of the employees is gloomy or it lacks windows that enables direct sunlight. Moreover, you must note if the fixtures are appropriately placed so that there is enough light for people to see and concentrate well on their work. If these things are missing or is in wrong order, then certainly the employer is not taking care of its employees and they have no knowledge that brightness is essential for a perfect work ambience.

  1. The Workplace Has Taken Care Of Comfort Of Employees

When you go for an interview, take a look at the work space and try to analyse the key factors in the office. The comfort feature for the employees also states if the office has a productive work environment or not. If you find that the seats give enough support to the spine and has adjustable features, the height of the desk is appropriate for supporting the arms, the computer systems have screen guard and is at an adequate distance from the seat, then you must convince yourself that the employer is taking care of the long term health of its employees.

  1. The Office Is Pleasantly Colourful

Besides the lighting of the office, the colour of the walls, cubicles or the presentation of the reception area too defines if the workplace is productive or not. If the walls have white or dull colours and is not maintained in terms of paint and cleanliness, then you must learn that they don’t believe in maintaining their infrastructure. Rather if you notice that the walls are painted in red, blues and yellows with bright hues and is textured creatively, then you can understand that the company is creative in its persona and expects the same from its employees.

  1. Spacious Layout With Proper Arrangement

While passing through the office cubicles towards the cabin of your employer for an interview, you must analyse what kind of layout the company has designed for employees of your cadre. The layout must be appropriate in a way that it segregates people on same level and at the same time creates enough space. The layout must not be chaotic in any manner. In case you witness that people are randomly seated and there is no proper division of employees, then the employer is least bothered about how effectively the work should be coordinated in a particular department. If they have invested money and time in maintaining proper cubicles, then you can believe when the company says that it offers a highly productive work environment to its employees.

  1. The Workplace Is Well Decorated

When it is said that the workplace is well decorated, it doesn’t mean with local festoons or paintings landed from any random art exhibition. It means that the walls have been creatively styled with the professionally clicked photographs of the employer or employees citing any participation in any event or an achievement made by the company. These photos are placed to increase the motivation levels of all the employees. Also, many professional companies are engaging in decorating their office with beautiful indoor plants to give a refreshing green effect to its employees that signifies calmness and patience.

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  1. The Work Delegation Is Efficient

After you are hired for your role in the workplace, you will immediately gauge the productivity of the work environment with the way your manager deals with you. If he delegates a part of his work to you but pokes you now and then and dominates you always, then such environment cannot be rendered positive. Moreover, if your manager usually makes you work in a project but takes it over and forces his opinion to take the work into a different direction, then such an environment will start killing your potential.

  1. You Are Briefed About A Meeting Topic In Advance

Meetings are an integral part of the decision making process in any office. But meetings that stretch for hours need everyone’s quality inputs. For providing your valuable advice, you must first be informed about the agenda of the meeting. If you are not being conveyed the agenda of the meeting in advance, then you must understand that people at higher level are least likely to involve you in the decision making process and your participation will become a matter of formality. On the other hand, if you are consistently receiving agendas of the meetings in advance, that means the company aims at getting inputs from people at all levels and wants everyone to be highly productive. This indicates that company values your contribution in its working.

  1. Creative Workshops Are Organized For Employees

A productive work environment ensures that the employees are frequently given a respite from the work. In many companies, employers plan to have a meal outside or hold small gaming sessions in the office itself. They plan outings for the employees and on weekends, they hold some sports tournaments for keeping their spirits high. Such companies that intend to intensify their connection with the employees aim to provide highly productive atmosphere. On the contrary, companies that don’t like to indulge with employees aim at making the work monotonous and they are not aware of the modern tactics of making their employees more productive.

  1. You Are Allowed To Work From Distance

In many offices worldwide, employers are becoming aware that giving flexibility to their employees to some extent does not hamper the efficiency of the employee. If an employee is unable to attend the office, then productive companies give an option to such employee to work from home. Instead of marking their absence, the employer ensures that the worker is productive even at the comfort of his home. Lately, many employees are finding that such a flexibility saves them from losing their day’s pay and at the same time they are able to accomplish their tasks with the same efficiency.

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