13 Rapid Weight Loss Secrets

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Weight loss has been an ever demanding subject which makes people to be more concerned about. Losing weight is now everyone’s prime goal be it for short-term or long term. For weight loss, market has been advertising so many weight loss ideas such as capsules, health drinks, weight loss beverages, workout tools, weight loss secrets regime articles, blogs over losing weight in a week and many more which has been getting millions of counts and rising every minute. Obesity and extra weight which is the most essential health issue to be concerned is getting tremendous response from everyone all around the globe. And each person wants to get slim losing some extra weight by any possible way. But to be very honest and clear no one is going to lose weight just in 10 days after rigorous workout, strict diet or even some weight loss guaranteed capsules and herbs. Losing weight needs proper balance of nutritional diet and determined workout routine to maintain till you die. So here are the weight loss secrets to follow which is going to help you to lose extra weight which is the first step towards getting slimer.

1. Take a picture with your extra weight

Nothing could work better than your determination and desperation. Get a brief or a bikini and take a picture with it to aim on how you look and what you want to transform. Your plumpy figure will push you to be strict on your diet and your workout.

2. Wear not so tight clothes

Your dressing style could motivate you for an ever-wished shape. So, try not to wear loose clothes but little body fit clothes to feel warm and satisfied with your shape to get boosted for losing more weight.

3. Get filled before going out

Whenever you go for a shopping or a night out with friends, or even a romantic walk down the street get yourself filled with some fruits or some protein shakes, dark chocolates, fibre loaded food like oats, brown whole wheat bread to keep yourself all going without getting any caloriecious hunger pangs.

4. Keep stash fruit or chocolate protein powder with you

Get your bag’s corner occupied with some stash fruit and chocolate protein powder (view our low carb recommendation here) while you go for your work. Because consuming less calorie, fibre loaded fruits and chocolate protein shakes is better than jumping over hot dogs, chicken burgers and extra cheese pizzas.

5. Get your own small plate for all meals

One single small plate for all meals in a day could help you to avoid over eating. Just get your plate full with your balanced diet but not over loaded each time you go for your meal and don’t even think to refill your plate after finishing all. The best weight loss secret!

6. Floss after dinner

If you have a sweet tooth an amazing idea of flossing your teeth or brushing your teeth after dinner could curb your sweet desire and will keep you far away from after dinner desserts loaded with tremendous calorie count.

7. Cut out liquid calories

Tea, hot chocolate milk shake, wine all are the liquid calories that you need to cut out from your diet. Instead of these, try green tea, chocolate protein shake and one small glass of wine a day to balance your proper diet.

8. Be creative and smart

Our body needs 2000 calories a day and cutting down 500-600 hundred calories could give you frequent hunger pangs. So, to beat these hunger pangs go for fibre loaded food which will control your hunger for a long time. If you find it dull and tasteless to eat salads and organic veggies, then season your salad with less olive oil, peanuts, salt, honey to give it a nice taste. You could also fill a pitcher with lemon water less in calories and add some cucumber slices to make it attractive and pour a glass to drink the healthy lemon water with few cucumber slices. Amazing weight loss secrets, isn’t it?

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9. Sleep more

According to the researchers, sleep deprivation interferes with the hormones called leptin and ghrelin that regulate body’s appetite. That means if you sleep less you will need more energy and you will get more hungry and hence you would indulge in poor eating habits and unhealthy snacks.

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10. Television is good if it’s a sitcom

Sedentary life is way too risky and comes with loads of health issues. If you are TV addict then make a good use of it by getting hard laughter doses everyday. It’s better to laugh and lose and burn some fats rather sitting idle in front of the television and wasting tears.

11. Get some dark chocolates

Research says, dark chocolates help to trim your waistline. To release more fat, go heavy on cocoa rather on sugar. Cocoa contains more antioxidants hence promotes weight loss.

12. Beat bad fats with good fats

You need fats to beat fats in your body. Monosaturated fatty acids are the good fats found in olive oil, nuts, avocadoes help to release wrong fats that are saturated fats and trans fats found in processed meats, chips, cookies etc. Other sources of good fats are polyunsaturated fats found in fish, nuts and seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds which are amazing weight loss secrets.

13. Workouts with intervals to lose weight faster

Research says that continuous workouts on treadmill, jogging, cycling could actually backfire when it comes to lose weight. So, aerobic exercises with high intensity interval training demand maximum energy output as your body always tries to stay in balance these type of exercises will help you for weight loss.

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