5 Facts About Karma You Must Be Aware Of

Karma Facts

The word ‘karma’ has rose from confined walls of religion and has found greater acceptance by people worldwide as it is a concept that focuses on improving the way of living while upgrading you as a human. Karma means action, work or deed and is also popular as a spiritual concept that explains the cause and effect. It implies that a person’s present actions and intentions behind them have a significant influence on the future of the individual performing it. It is said that people who have good intentions behind performing actions contribute to good karma and this in turn, will be a reason for their future happiness.

However, it is also said that people who perform actions with bad motives contribute to bad karma and this is why their future will be dark and full of sufferings. The karma ideology has found its roots in India but is being accepted by many religions across the globe. In many countries in Asia, people believe the association of karma with rebirth. They believe that karma of the past life determines the nature and quality of present life.

Instead of diving deep into knowing the meaning of karma and its beliefs, it is better to focus on the message it sends for uplifting the way of life. If you overall look at life, you will notice that the effect of karma is prevalent at all times. Go to a flashback and you will understand that good actions generate good results while bad deeds often is followed by sorrows. With your every action or thought, you are releasing a certain energy which will determine the quality of energy you get in return. Karma has a constant hold on all the situations you create and face and in order to enhance your way of living, knowledge about these 5 facts about karma is essential:

  1. What You Sow So Shall You Reap

When your parents and grandparents insisted you to be nice and empathetic towards others, they knew that what you do now will return back to you later. If you love and care for others, then they will definitely reciprocate the same to you and if you act evil or perform cunning deeds, then you won’t be spared by similar acts of others. In order to improve the quality of life and to enjoy a better future, it is important that you start being positive and helpful towards others.

  1. Bring The Change In Yourself

When you think that you desire a change in your life, then start with yourself. You need to bring change in yourself and you will automatically feel the change in everything that you weren’t satisfied about. Know yourself and your thought process. Analyse how you act and what you have done for others for which you are expecting something good for yourself. Keep in mind that when you do good deeds, never do it just because you want great things to happen to you. Just bring in your attitude that if you do good to others and spread love and care, you will definitely feel the happiness from inside. So bring a change in yourself and see how beautifully things fall in place.

  1. Maintain Cleanliness Of Your Soul

Your soul remains clean when you speak truth in a humble way and when you think and act in a way that is in the best interest of everyone. Since you influence the environment around you and the environment does the same in return, therefore, you must be careful when choosing your words and deciding your thoughts and actions so that you don’t distort mental peace of others and yourself too. At the end of the day, you live life to attain end goal called happiness and for this, you need to ensure that your soul is clean and life is sorted.

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  1. Keep Rectifying Yourself

Life cannot be wonderful if you are stagnant. You need to keep improving by analysing your flaws and finding ways to rectify them. Your behaviour or thoughts in the past can be a cause for your present suffering. Have a look at your past and realise your mistakes before it is too late to start afresh. Instead of living a robotic life, make it exciting by spreading love and care, which in turn, will make your future marvellous.

  1. Nothing Comes For Free

Your karma determines your future and therefore, there is nothing available for free in the world. Everything comes for a price. Success, happiness and support of loved ones comes from being a hard working person who is aware of his/ her karma and who has imbibed in him/ her a positive attitude and who thinks, behaves and speaks without hurting others.

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