Latest Fitness Rules That You Must Not Afford To Miss

Fitness Rules

Researchers have found that a major percentage of people across the world are leading a sedentary lifestyle and as life is getting busier, the mounting stress levels are greatly impacting our mental health and sleep schedules, which in turn are inviting a whole package of lifestyle diseases. To worsen this is our deteriorating food consumption patterns, where we are more relying on junk foods or packaged foodstuffs to save time and energy.

However, increasing number of people are realising that eating healthy, working out, maintaining great work life balance and having adequate amount of sleep can curb the ill effects of the sedentary lifestyle. But when it comes to working out, most people find it difficult to bring consistency and even if they do, they commit some workout mistakes that keep them far from their fitness goals. You may not know but you might actually be working out all wrong and here’s how recent studies reveal the latest fitness rules that you must not afford to miss:-

  1. Train Your Leg Muscles To Boost Your Mental Health

One of the most important fitness rules that you need to remember is that active muscles help in boosting mental activity, which is why physical fitness is closely associated with mental health. It has been researched that active muscles helps in releasing chemicals, which positively impacts the cellular activity in the brain. A recent study confirms that muscular strength, specifically in legs (where some of the whole body’s strongest and largest muscles are found) is closely linked to brain activity.

Since overall fitness and muscular strength determines how your brain functions, you start ageing in the healthiest manner when you follow a good weekly workout routine comprising of cardiovascular, flexibility and strength components. Whatever workout form you prefer, ensure that your leg muscles are properly trained to keep your brain in its best health.

  1. Limit High Intensity Trainings To 3 Days A Week

It has been discovered by the scientists at Loughborough University that nine days of high intensity training can have retrogressive effects on the adequacy and soundness of sleep. The study also concluded that participants undergoing such intensive trainings every day, suffered from high level of stress and mood swings.

The high intensity trainings are gaining popularity as it comes as the easy resort for getting in shape within a span of few days. But in order to gain physical and mental fitness, you must avoid getting your body exposed to the same level of training that can have detrimental effects on your health in the long run. This is why, you must keep shuffling the intensity of the training while limiting high intensity trainings to three days in a week.

  1. Stop Being Obsessed Over Calories Intake

There is a lot of buzz about keeping a count on the calorie consumed and calorie burnt among the fitness enthusiasts but latest studies suggest that it is time to re-think about the calorie count. It is now believed by the experts that the 3500 deficit calorie theory is a thing of the past. It is now observed that the body has the capability to get adapted to weight loss in a few weeks and thus may require fewer amounts of calories to suffice the need of the newer and lighter body size.

So the next time you feel that despite of lowering your calorie consumption, you aren’t able to lose weight, then you must definitely consider adjusting your macro-nutrient ratios. Macro-nutrients like protein, fats and carbohydrates play a crucial role in weight management and therefore, adjusting their consumption can help in reducing those extra pounds.  

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  1. Cut Back On Fat To Enjoy Sound Sleep

While as of now sugar consumption was thought to be the only culprit for affecting the quantity and quality of sleep, latest research focuses more on fat consumption. As per a new study from Columbia University Medical Center, it has been found that greater consumption of fat and lower intake of fibre in just a day can adversely affect sleep. Participants in the study, who consumed less healthy meals, were found to have lighter and more disrupted sleep.

It is definitely true that higher fat meals can affect the sleep quality but poor sleep quality or lack of adequate sleep can in turn, affect your food choices and calorie consumption too. A US based study revealed that volunteers who slept less on regular basis consumed more calories than volunteers who slept adequately. Therefore, maintaining a food journal and a healthy lifestyle can have significant influence on your sleep, which in turn will motivate you to keep up the healthy eating habit.

  1. Exercise & Maintain Active Lifestyle To Keep Back Pain At Bay

Recent studies have found that the best cure for back pain is regular exercise. Maintaining an active lifestyle and going for regular workouts can not only help in minimising back pain but also can improve the flexibility and strength of back muscles. No matter what kind of exercise you do, keep shuffling the intensity and never overdo them. Cardiovascular exercises, stretching, yoga, etc. can play a major role in maintaining a healthy back.

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