The Concept Of Evil Eye: Practical or Orthodox?

Evil Eye Practical or Orthodox

Not only Indians, but there are several cultures across the world that believes in the concept of evil eye. Casting an evil eye generally means a negative stare that is believed to send negative vibes, which may cause extremely retrogressive consequences and it may be intentional or unintentional. Many ancient cultures have cherished the concept of evil eye where they have staunch believe that if a person is too much admired or has too many enemies who are jealous of him/ her in any way, then this person may fall sick or may face unfortunate circumstances.

Most people in this modern age term this belief as superstitious, still many people are ardent believers and perform many rituals to get rid of their after-effects. It is said that if someone casts an evil eye on you, then it sends various negative vibes that have the capability to bring sickness, injury or mental challenges. People who are followers of such age-old beliefs say that an evil eye can be a curse, which can even cause destruction to a person’s property and can tarnish his/ her personal relationships. They also believe that people who intentionally cast an evil eye on others are actually born on a specific date and are in control of some magnetic powers of which they are completely aware of.

Though in this modern era, it is better to have believe in one’s karma and to adopt the concept of law of attraction, but it depends upon you whether you are in favour of giving heed to such ancient beliefs that sound practical to some and orthodox to others. Many times, when your dear ones are frequently falling prey to illness or someone close to you is suffering huge losses in business or life is just giving setbacks consecutively, then it is obvious for you to feel that someone’s evil eye may be the reason for such circumstances.

However, if you are sceptical whether to believe in this concept or not, then here are some of the traditional ways of getting rid of evil eye that can provide you further insights about the evil eye practices:

  1. In case, any of the family member is suffering from chronic sickness and it is assumed to be due to someone’s evil eye, then many people make it a practice to spray a strained mixture of cow’s urine and sea water. But it is sprayed on every corner of the house only on Tuesdays, Fridays, full moon day and new moon day. It is believed to nullify the vicious effect of the negative vibrations sent through the evil eye and hence, the person affected from it will be cured.
  1. Babies are extremely prone to get affected by evil eye. Whenever you see a cute baby, you could hardly resist yourself from appreciating its beauty. But intentionally or unintentionally, babies may have to bear the negative impact of evil eye and it is said that they may fall sick or may lose appetite. Since a mother cannot see her baby suffering, it is obvious that she may resort to these traditional techniques that are termed as orthodox by modern people. If you too have faith in this and want to ward off evil eye effect, then take a pinch of salt in your palm and close your fist tightly. Now move your fist around the baby’s head clockwise and anti-clockwise thrice. Your baby will soon be relieved from the evil eye effect.
  1. People also take red chillies, mustard seeds and a hair strand of the baby’s mother in their palm. They move it clockwise and anti-clockwise around the baby from head to toe three times. Then they just burn a cow dung cake and add these things into it. If the sound of spluttering of red chillies is high, then it implies that the baby was under powerful influence of evil eye.

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  1. There is another practice that is aimed at removing evil eye from children. Many times children suffer from sudden stomachaches and no appropriate reason comes to knowledge. At such juncture, many people mix some sand with mustard and apply it on the child’s stomach. After keeping it over the stomach for sometime, the mixture is removed and put to flames. The child’s health is believed to get restored soon.
  1. Believers even say that if you are facing the problem of theft or damage of jewellery or other valuable items frequently, then it may be a result of evil eye. But if you store some colourful stones or beads in a white bowl or jar, then it can help in eliminating the evil eye effect.
  1. Not only babies, even pregnant women are said to be highly susceptible to get affected by evil eye. If you are pregnant and don’t wish to take any risks arising from evil eye, then you can carry some neem leaves with you when you go out. After coming back to your home, burn the neem leaves and this will ensure burning of all the evil eye being cast on you.
  1. Even non-believers sometimes have no resort except having belief in this non-scientifically approved concepts. Many times, business persons face back to back losses in business and none of their counter attacks seem working out, then even these people start believing in the concept evil eye. In such cases, they are advised to keep a full glass of water with one lemon in a transparent glass at their workspace. It should be kept in a place where it is visible to everyone. Change the water everyday and on Saturdays, place a new lemon. This is said to help in warding off evil eye.

Concept Of Evil Eye

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