Top 11 Health Benefits of Body Massage – Quick Read

Body Massage Benefits

Body massage is the natural way to get rid of stress, pain and depression. Besides promoting mental and physical rest, it offers several health benefits as presented below.

      1. It relieves physical stress and promotes relaxation.
      2. It is a natural pain killer that relaxes muscles and improves blood flow. People suffering from headache, backache can go for body massage.
      3. Massage improves blood circulation throughout your body without straining your heart, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach organs and muscles easily and improves joints flexibility.
      4. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system to push out all metabolic wastes thereby, removing all the toxins from the body.
      5. A good massage that uses aroma therapy with warm essential oils and lotions rejuvenates your skin.
      6. It is an excellent solution to constipation. Improves digestion and absorbs nutrients.
      7. It improves the functioning of sebaceous and sweat glands resulting in clean and glowing skin.
      8. It reduces the physical fatigue, releases muscle spasms and cramps.
      9. It reduces anxiety and makes you feel relaxed and more comfortable.
      10. It relieves the headache and joint pains.
      11. It increases the physical comfort.

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