7 Essential Lifestyle Changes That Can Make You A More Creative Entrepreneur

Creative Entrepreneur

The key to become an entrepreneur is not just the capital invested, idea actualised or the zeal to start a new venture. In fact, an entrepreneur is a person who knows the importance of self-improvement and understands why re-inventing yourself is the only way to attain more and more milestones in the entrepreneurial journey.

You may sometimes imagine having that magic button that instantly boosts your chances of becoming a more creative entrepreneur, but in reality, the magic lies within yourself. You may prefer undergoing some life changing training programs that impart out of the world mantras for becoming a better entrepreneur. But remember that when you already possess the will, skill and knowledge to take off with your new venture, then changing your approach towards your lifestyle can bring a significant transformation in your entrepreneurial attitude. It has been studied that many successful entrepreneurs have imbibed some essential lifestyle factors that helped in conditioning their mind to be its creative best at all times.

You must analyse the key areas of your life that are closely associated with the kind of entrepreneur you are and start bringing these 7 essential lifestyle changes that can make you a more creative entrepreneur with better leadership skills and strong business acumen –

1. Start Reading Everyday

For improving your creative quotient, it is extremely necessary that you feed your mind with the right kind of positive and motivational content. Reading books is the perfect solution for gathering information and knowledge about various things in the world and it may help in shaping your perspectives about the venture you have undertaken. Reading also helps in relaxing your mind from the robotic routine and builds your vocabulary and strengthens your communication skills. But don’t limit yourself to a single genre. Explore books written on diverse subjects and they certainly will help your mind in creating versatile ideas.

2. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is a crucial factor that can make you more creative entrepreneur and in fact, most entrepreneurs believe in sacrificing their sleep for the sake of their passion. If you are sleeping for less than eight hours or are maintaining an inconsistent sleeping pattern, then you are actually hampering your pace towards success. Without adequate sleep, you may not be able to properly concentrate and your brain’s cognitive functions may even suffer. Long term sleep deprivation can have serious effects on your physical and mental health. One of the most important factors that determine success of entrepreneurs is their zest for discipline. Be disciplined when it comes to working and taking rest, so that your productivity levels keep on soaring.

3. Socialise More With People

Involve your team in your business completely. Ask them what they feel about the business and establish open lines of communication with peers and competitors. Take opportunities of meeting with more people working in your domain to get latest insights about trends and market predictions. The more people you interact whether inside or outside your business, the better your real world knowledge gets. With such frequent communications, you can become more creative entrepreneur by creating new ideas and perspectives that can bring a positive change in the development scenario of your enterprise.

4. Take More Breaks

Various studies have found that taking frequent breaks helps in improving productivity and work efficiency, specifically in entrepreneurs. Though as an entrepreneur, you may feel that time is money and hence you may skip your lunch and tea breaks to get the pending tasks completed. But when you take breaks frequently, you allow your mind to de-stress and rejuvenate. Breaks can make you feel refreshed and you can then return to work with more focus and motivation. Give commitment to breaks and take 3 short breaks during your work hours and take vacations or small excursions every other month to unleash your true entrepreneurial potential.

5. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

An entrepreneur should be energetic all the time, should be reporting to work every day and must be capable enough of pulling off the initial level struggles for ensuring that the foundation of the business is laid strongly. While there are various elements contributing for attaining this, there is one important factor which must not be forgotten. Following a healthy lifestyle can have substantial impact on the body’s and mind’s ability to work. Lack of proper nutrition, excessive dependence on junk foods, having no schedule for eating, leading a highly sedentary lifestyle, etc are the major reasons for various lifestyle diseases that diminishes body’s physical and mental capability to work. Therefore, keep your body fuelled with nutrition rich foods, incorporate workouts in your busy schedule, take time for meditation and ritually follow healthy practices in life for becoming a better and creative entrepreneur.

6. Delegate Tasks & Let Your Team Showcase Their True Potential

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and while you have the zest of doing things your way, you may end up burdening yourself even with petty tasks. You may assume that your team won’t be able to aptly handle the incoming obstacles and in the process you may not only increase stress levels but unintentionally affect the quality of work. Have trust in your team and make them understand how you expect tasks to be done. Ensure that you keep delegating tasks equally between your team so that you get benefitted by the creativity showcased by them in fulfilling those tasks. Not only you become a mentor for them but you can then get enough time for tackling more complex entrepreneurial tasks.

7. Don’t Get Addicted To Technology

For keeping abreast with the intensifying competition, entrepreneurs nowadays have to make use of every means to reach to their target audience. This is why, use of computers and smartphones has boosted and one of the major drawbacks of using this advanced technology is that ambitious entrepreneurs bring their work to home. You may either check mails and voice mails, watch television for few hours or just keep using your smartphone for playing games or social networking. Getting hooked to such devices for long hours can have retrogressive impact on the brain’s functioning and when your brain gets tired, your creativity takes a back seat. So allow yourself frequent breaks from technology and ensure that your evenings are spent in more relaxing manner.

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